Reduced investment, you do not need premises during the first years.

We offer an initial training course for 2 weeks at our headquarters in Marbella, Málaga.

We support you in the development of your own portfolio of clients since you can benefit from our agreements with real estate and property administrations.

We will help you to carry out a complete market analysis before choosing the Exclusive Zone.

Access to financial facilities under unbeatable conditions, thanks to the agreements we have with financial entities.

You will have free access to specialized professionals through our employment exchange.

Plan to launch the Franchise, and continued support in the start-up.


We are different … in personnel management

Mercado de gran potencial
Altamente profesional
Amplia gama de servicios

The cold maintenance franchises, is directed to a market of great potential.

Very traditional and atomized sector, imperious necessity of highly professional specialized services.

We offer a wide range of services with the advantage of integrating them in a single provider.

Atención la cliente
Nuevas tecnologías

We offer the best service and the best service, which has an impact on customer loyalty. Those who trust MANTENIMIENTO FRIAS, never again value another option.

We make transparency an unbreakable norm, which encompasses all relationships with communities, the professionals who work for them and the suppliers of services and materials.

Because through our exclusive management and communication software with the community, we simplify the management of the Community to the maximum, and we facilitate follow-up of all the tasks in our charge. Through the Internet, they will be able to solve all the daily needs that occur in their communities.

Franchisee Profile:

  • If you consider yourself a dynamic, responsible and hardworking person…
  • If you have experience or know the world of auxiliary services ( Gardening, cleaning, etc….)
  • If you have always wanted to work autonomously your own business.
  • If you have commercial skills and good communication skills.
  • If you consider yourself capable of directing and motivating a twam of professionals in your charge.
  • If you enjoy obtaining the satisfaction of your clients.
  • If you want to obtain a greater profitability for your effort than that offered by a job as an employee…


Contract period:

7 years (renewable for periods of 5 years)

Entry fee:

18.000 euros + IVA

Royalty of explotation:


Bank guarantee:

5.000 euros